【Terms of Service Agreement】

1.Description of USER

1.1User means the user of including but not limited to SINOIMEX product such as GTM, GTF, GTT, GTC and so on. Both trial and paid users are bound by this Service Agreement, hereinafter referred to as 'User'.

2.Rights and Obligations of USER

2.1 USER shall use the SINOIMEX product reasonably, and they shall only use the SINOIMEX product for normal searching and browsing, except for downloading permission, USER shall not use the SINOIMEX product in any way including but not limited to crawling, caching, plug-in, reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling, establishing mirror sites, plug-ins or developing derivative products with the SINOIMEX product without authorization.

2.2 USER shall not regularly query or cache or bulk download data to a local computer for the purpose of obtaining the complete database herein including, but not limited to, all data for a particular country or all data for a particular industry. If the system detects that a USER ID and password are in abnormal use, such as a regular search of the database, the system will automatically terminate that Subscriber's access. If SINOIMEX discovers the USER has maliciously invaded, copied or destroyed the system information, the system has the right to terminate the USER's access at any time and claim from USER all economic losses arising therefrom.

2.3 USER use SINOIMEX products only as a reference for making their own business decisions, and USER should use their professional knowledge and experience in the relevant trade fields to make independent judgments and decisions regarding their business transactions. SINOIMEX shall not be liable for any damages the USER may suffer from using the SINOIMEX Product to make such business judgments or decisions.

2.4 USER should contact SINOIMEX in advance to complete the relevant renewal procedures before the expiration of the service period, otherwise, SINOIMEX has the right to stop the use of SINOIMEX products without notice to USER after the expiration of the service period. SINOIMEX will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to USER as a result.

2.5 When using SINOIMEX products, if the query conditions provided by USERs, including but not limited to HS code, company name, port name, etc., do not match with the information in the database itself, resulting in the return value being empty, the query service is still considered to have been completed. USER should enter the relevant conditions as accurately as possible when querying to avoid wasting the number of querying services.

3 SINOIMEX’s Liability and Disclaimer

3.1 SINOIMEX shall use their due diligence and best efforts to ensure that the data is comprehensive, timely and standardized and to provide USER with the complete Product, but cannot make any express or implied warranty that any purpose or effect will be achieved by the use of the Product by USER.

3.2 SINOIMEX shall, in accordance with the principle of due diligence, prompt the query conditions of the data in the product design, including the explanation of the language or HS code, etc. When USER uses the SINOIMEX product, the query conditions provided include but are not limited to HS code, company name, port name, etc. If the query conditions do not match with the information in the database itself, the return value will be empty, SINOIMEX not be liable for the loss of the number of query times.

3.3 SINOIMEX warrant that the SINOIMEX product and services are in full compliance with China's intellectual property laws in terms of data source acquisition and system development. SINOIMEX undertakes that it has full intellectual property rights or license rights to the products provided to USER, and that SINOIMEX is constantly adding and improving the functions and services of the SINOIMEX Product. SINOIMEX will continue to use its best efforts to expand the data source of the SINOIMEX Product and update it as soon as possible, but does not guarantee to update all the data, as detailed in Part 5 'Force Majeure Clause' of the Terms and Conditions.

4 Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality Clauses

4.1 The proprietary rights to the software, data, etc. that be used to run the SINOIMEX products are owned by SINOIMEX. USER is obliged to ensure that SINOIMEX’s intellectual property rights are not infringed by third parties. USER shall not use or copy the software and data related to SINOIMEX products, including system interface design, database design, interface design, functional design, analysis dimensions, mining aspects and underlying data, and shall not allow third parties to steal the software and data of SINOIMEX. The obligations of the parties under this clause shall not cease upon termination of this Agreement.

4.2 SINOIMEX provides professional technology and methods to help USER use SINOIMEX products, SINOIMEX owns the intellectual property rights of such professional technology and methods, even if such technology and methods have not applied for protection from the relevant state government in a timely manner, USER has a full obligation of confidentiality, even if the service period expires, the technology and methods shall not be provided to any third party individuals or organizations.

5 Force Majeure and Exclusion of Liability

5.1 SINOIMEX shall not be liable for any failure or inability to continue to provide SINOIMEX products or services, etc., due to force majeure. 'Force majeure' means an event beyond SINOIMEX’s reasonable control, unforeseeable or unavoidable even if foreseen, which interferes with, affects or delays the provision of SINOIMEX services by SINOIMEX. Such events include, but are not limited to, acts of government, backbone communication line failures, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, pestilence, war, network attacks, computer viruses or any other similar events.

5.2 Due to the wide range of countries and complex political and economic situations in different countries, SINOIMEX have the right to change the country coverage or specific country database items of the SINOIMEX product data source according to the policy adjustment of the government of the country involved in the data source, revision of laws and regulations or other governmental actions. SINOIMEX does not guarantee that all data will be updated.